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Mood Boost

Unlock a more positive outlook with Mood Boost. Our natural dietary supplement supports your emotional wellness by reducing occasional stress and anxiety. We've carefully crafted our blend of herbal extracts and essential amino acids to promote relaxation and help you feel more balanced throughout the day.


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If depressed mood last longer than a week seek help . by olga on Sep 28, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Works for me ...by day 2 I'm giddy. Worth a try everyone is different . I've tried a few before this one is the perfect balance for me.*

Helped my anxiety by Brenda Guerrero on Sep 27, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

It took a couple weeks to kick in but it has helped me manage my anxiety. I feel better and with more energy*

Great by Sam K. on Sep 23, 2020 (Verified Purchase)


Effective by dalford on Sep 21, 2020 (Verified Purchase)


Ny "go to "to stay calm by Customer on Sep 15, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Well this supplement is easy to give 5 stars to as it is amazing and this is my honest review. I feel it within about 15 minutes. Dont use it every day just when I know I need to stay calm and it delivers. Will be reordering.*

it actually works by Customer on Sep 14, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

got this for my son while he was going through a breakup. after 2 wks he said "i feel happy" and that was a huge deal. while i dont believe this vitamin is solely responsible for his shift i will say that it definitely has helped.*

Excellent stress reliever by Customer on Sep 13, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

My secret “weapon” in managing stress and recently developed Brachial Plexus neuropathy symptoms ( constant severe pain) Just the right amount of proper ingredients ( love GABA !)It calmes down my over-reactive nervous system without excessive drowsiness or brain fog unlike prescription meds. As a bonus, I need less pain meds and able to function during daytime. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural way to escape harmful effects of constant stress In our lives.*

Seems to be working by chris on Sep 9, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Since taking the Mood Boost supplement, I’ve been sleeping soundly and have more energy than I have had in years. Finally getting caught up with housework I’ve been putting off.*

Happy! by Esther H. on Aug 13, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

My husband makes me take one every morning, so if you ask him...they’re working!!*

works by Customer on Aug 8, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Good mood booster for when life gets abit much.*

Helped me by Tina on Aug 1, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I would recommend it, yes. I noticed my mood got better after taking this supplement. I tried different supplements before but this one seemed to help the most.*

Honest opinion by Heiligenstein101 on Jul 28, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I don’t normally write reviews; I only do so when I’m not happy with the product/service, then I would write one. But this one is an exception. I purchased this Mood Boost along with other supplements to try. I’ve only taken this mood boost few days and I MUST say, that I’ve seen the result. It’s what drive me to write this review. After few days; I noticed myself being chirpier, energized and over all in much better mood than I used to be. I’m only few days prior to getting my period, and normally on those days I would get into bad mood swing, getting muscles pain and terrible migraine. Now, I’m only days away from period, I have more energy than usual and happier; no mood swing whatsoever. Finally I found something that works for me and am grateful. Prior to taking this pills; I would get terrible migraine with muscles pains all over my body and mood swing that I had to take some days off from work each month. Those says are over for me. Thank you so much!*

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