Bathroom Tips for Prostate

Bathroom Tips for Prostate

When it comes to prostate health, did you know your habits in the bathroom can have a significant effect on your comfort and wellbeing? Below are a few simple tips that may help you out in the bathroom.

  • Sit when you go. You may find you have an easier time emptying your bladder if you try to doing so while seated on the toilet rather than standing up. If it helps, you can try shifting back and forth between these two positions.
  • Find something to distract yourself. If all you are thinking about is what a difficult time you are having, you will just create a feedback loop in your brain and body. The harder you think it is to go, the harder it will be. So, sometimes it helps to get your mind elsewhere. This is a good reason to install a magazine rack in the bathroom. Another idea would be thinking about what you are going to do after you are done.
  • Each time you use the restroom, do your best to get your bladder as empty as possible. When you think you are done, wait for a couple minutes, and then try going again. You probably will discover you can at least a little. This practice is called “double voiding.”
  • Turn on the faucet. A lot of people report that it is easier for them to urinate when they can listen to water running. Try turning on the sink faucet before you sit down on the toilet.
  • Look for ways to cope with anxiety. It is possible to develop performance anxiety around using the bathroom. If you do, you might have a harder time than you normally would because you are so afraid that you will not be able to urinate. You may need to treat this anxiety to be able to go more easily. If you have difficulty urinating around other people, you also may want to try treating that anxiety, or making sure privacy is readily available whenever possible when using the bathroom.
  • Reduce stress. Harvard says, “Some men who are nervous and tense urinate more frequently. Reduce stress by exercising regularly and practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation.” Moreover, if you are less stressed when you do have to go, going will probably be easier.
  • Exercise. Getting regular exercise may help you to regulate prostate health. So, if you have been inactive lately, this is the perfect time to start a new workout routine. You do not need to do intense workouts; even just going on a walk each day may be all you need.


One more thing you can do is try taking a supplement that can support bladder and prostate function. Natural ingredients like saw palmetto extract, nettle root extract, pygeum bark extract, beta-sitosterol and zinc can all help.







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