Best Beverages for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

Best Beverages for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

If you are working to regulate your blood sugar levels, you probably have put a lot of thought into what you should and should not be eating. But how much have you thought about the beverages you are drinking?

In this post, we are going to go over recommendations for beverages that are less likely than others to spike your blood sugar. Choosing these in lieu of others that are not so friendly to your blood glucose levels will help you maintain your health.

1. Water, flavored or otherwise

If you want a beverage that will not increase blood sugar at all, water is your best friend. In fact, you should be drinking plenty of it so as to flush out extra glucose. If you want, you can try flavoring it with fruit or herbs.

2. Tea without sugar or honey

Any type of tea can be a good choice for your health. You’ll get the benefit of antioxidants without spiking your blood sugar. Of course, this is assuming that you do not add sugar or honey to your tea.

That does not mean you have to drink your tea completely unsweetened, however. Consider instead using stevia. As explained in this research, “Results of the current study showed that the highlighted doses of stevia in sweetened tea could be an alternative to sucralose in diabetic patients with no effects on blood glucose, HbA1C, insulin and lipid levels.”

3. Seltzer water

Enjoy carbonated beverages? Instead of drinking traditional sodas that spike your blood sugar, consider having some seltzer water. You also could look into modern sodas that are sweetened with stevia.

4. Vegetable juice

Fruit juice may be nutritious, but alas, it also tends to be high in sugar. For that reason, it is not an ideal go-to beverage if you are trying to keep your blood glucose levels from spiking. A good alternative, however, is vegetable juice. You can enjoy rich nutritional benefits and a delicious, refreshing taste without the negative health consequences.


5. Vegetable smoothies

The same rules that apply to choosing appropriate juices also apply when it comes to selecting smoothies. Fruit smoothies may be too high in sugar content, but vegetable smoothies may be more suitable to your health needs.

6. Kombucha

Kombucha is a popular fermented drink. If you are working to control your blood sugar, you do not have to be left out. In fact, the probiotics in kombucha may be beneficial to you.

7. Milk

Milk is not the best beverage when it comes to blood sugar, but it is also not necessarily the worst. Whether or not you should drink it really depends on your particular health situation. WebMD suggests, “You may start with a smaller serving of milk to see how it affects your blood sugar. Over time, you’ll understand how milk and other foods affect you personally.” If you do consider drinking milk, make sure you consume organic milk without hormones.

That wraps up our list of beverages for maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar. Avoid drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, and speak to your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.


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