How to Boost Your Thyroid

How to Boost Your Thyroid

The importance of proper thyroid function cannot be overstated, but there isn't a lot of common knowledge about what can be done for thyroid function outside of a professional, medical environment. For those who want to find ways to boost their thyroid, and their metabolism, there are actually many different avenues of interest that may put you on the right track toward healthier hormonal balance and weight management. 

The Causes 

Stress on the thyroid can be caused by:

  • Exposure to environmental toxins, like pesticides. These chemicals can disrupt the body's hormone management functions, which can include reducing the amount of hormones your thyroid can produce.
  • Heavy metals, such as mercury, can inhibit thyroid function. A diet that's high in seafood may or may not interfere with the way that your thyroid operates due to the low, but cumulative, levels of mercury that can be found in most fish.
  • Stress can lead to disruption in thyroid hormone management, along with other hormones which are vital to your body's regular operations. Repeated exposure to stressful conditions can cause long term disruptions that can certainly lead to a weaker thyroidal hormone production. 

A Few Possible Solutions

In response to the above list of causes, you can choose different programs to detoxify your body, lower your stress levels, monitor the amount of seafood you're eating and its sources to reduce any mercury intake. There are also other ways to boost your thyroid's function, and thus your metabolism, which include:

  • Increasing your intake of vitamins like selenium and zinc, as well as Omega-3 fats. These can all help to both boost the power of your thyroid and support its function.
  • Exercise can help to boost your thyroid's output, and increase your metabolism in the process. Even 30 minutes of exercise a day can have a noticeable impact on your energy levels, your management of your weight, and much more.

An Ongoing Process

Supporting thyroid health is an ongoing process. Like heart health, your thyroid needs regular maintenance through the intake of the right vitamins and minerals, the right levels of exercise, and the avoidance of chronic stress situations that could lead to unhealthy conditions in the body.


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