Three Ways to Stay Hydrated While Drinking

Three Ways to Stay Hydrated While Drinking

One of the most common tips for avoiding, or fighting, a hangover is to drink plenty of water. We already know that we should drink water during our regular, day to day activities. The amount of water that you need to drink can differ depending on your level of activity, your weight and height, and your predisposition to certain conditions that may require you to drink more. People who are dieting, living in different altitudes and temperature zones, and a host of other concerns can all influence just how much water you need to drink. Throw alcohol into the mix, and it can really up your need. 

Common knowledge is all well and good, but what are some easier ways to get water into your night out? We'll review a few different ideas that you may find useful to incorporate into your next drinking session. The key is to form practical habits that are easy to remember, because the more that you drink, the less likely you are to stick to anything too complicated.

1. Put Ice in Your Drink 

This may not be part of your usual drink preferences, but putting a few cubes of ice into your drink has some small, but noticeable, benefits. The first is that ice actually limits the amount of alcohol that you can drink down in a single gulp. As a physical way to pace yourself, it can usually help you to better measure your drink intake as compared to how much water you have. In addition, when you shake a drink with ice, the collision of ice cubes releases tiny ice slivers that will also add more water content to the drink without necessarily watering down the flavor. 

2. Avoid Beer

It may not be welcome news to those who enjoy beer, but filling up on a glass of ale can make you feel too full to actually keep pace with water. You will urinate more frequently, as there will be more liquid in your system. If you're only drinking two or three beers in a night, then this isn't much of a concern. If you're planning to drink a six pack as your “starter,” then you're well on your way to being dehydrated. This also goes for malt beverages.

3. Add Water to Your Liquor 

On average, you want to drink eight ounces or more of water per “shot”, or two ounces, of alcohol that you drink. One way to actually get more water in with your average amount of alcohol is to drink it with water added. Soda and tonic water count. A splash of water can help to mellow out certain spirits, like whiskey, without compromising their flavor or effect. Like ice, adding water can also help you to pace your shots. With different types of water, such as flavored seltzer, you can even add in a unique flavor profile to a spirit like vodka without unnecessary sugars or aspartame being thrown into the mix. 


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