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Lyte Fuel

Lyte Fuel is a dietary supplement taken before and during exercise to help maintain balanced electrolyte levels and prevent muscle cramping.  Lyte Fuel can also be taken to help maintain proper electrolyte levels for those on ketogenic diets.*

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Get Rid Of Crampsby Jo Ann A. Faux on Oct 8, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

Use to have bad cramps both at night and in the day time (my calfs, ankles and hands). Started taking Lyte Fule ( two pills two times a day) and the cramps stopped. Now I take one pill twice a day and still no cramps.*

no leg ctampsby revron on Oct 2, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

Been taking this product for a week and have not had legs cramps since I began. No apparent side effects.


No more leg crampsby Maurice on Sep 23, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

Since I have been using the product my leg cramps have reduced considerably. I recommend this product to older people like me who still exercise and are active.*

Great product!by Boomerlilypad on Sep 19, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

Really helps with leg cramps*

Happy with purchaseby Linda DiFillipo on Sep 11, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

Happy with purchase - what I expected*

Amazingby fkamazon on Sep 9, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

I cannot live without these. These are a must have for optimal health.*

Take Before a night of drinkingby Amazon Customer on Sep 5, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

I take one of these around 4pm if I plan to drink (moderate to heavy) and works well at preventing hangovers from being as debilitating*

Best Ive used so farby R. Metelsky on Sep 3, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

I've tried about 3 other brands that had high ratings, these seem to work best for good energy during my biking sessions and I'm going to reorder. I also add a Himalayan salt capsule and ALOT of water - the water is VERY important - these do the best for me. When everything is right... I get a tremendous boost!*

niceby mrbaby on Aug 30, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

good stuff*

works well for meby Steward Shelly on Aug 26, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

love this stuff it really works well for me*

I'd you need your electrolytes replenished, try Lyte Fuel...by Robin on Aug 25, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

These worked wonders for me!!*

Cramp reliefby Barbara Shafferman on Aug 18, 2018 (Source: Amazon)

No more leg cramps!*

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