60 Vegetarian Capsules

Sinus & Seasonal

Sinus Health & Seasonal Discomfort Formula is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to help promote sinus & nasal health and reduce seasonal discomfort. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain herbal extracts shown to support healthy sinuses and histamine levels.*


  • Helps reduce seasonal discomfort*
  • Promotes sinus, nasal & respiratory health*
  • Supports healthy histamine levels*


  • Quercetin - A flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables, Quercetin has been shown to support healthy histamine levels and promote healthy immune response.*
  • Nettle Root Extract - Nettle Root Extract (Urtica Dioica) is an herbal extract used to help prevent seasonal discomfort.*
  • Bromelain - Bromelain, an extract derived from pineapple, is an enzyme shown to reduce seasonal discomfort.*
  • Butterbur Extract - Butterbur is taken to reduce seasonal discomfort. Our Butterbur is certified free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.*


Take one (1) capsule one to three times daily or as directed by a physician.*

Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women and those undergoing treatment for a medical condition should consult a physician before taking this supplement.


100% Guarantee


& Ships Free


GMP Manufacturing

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
% Daily Value
Amount Per Serving
200 mg
Quercetin (as Quercetin Dihydrate)
150 mg
Stinging Nettle Root Extract
50 mg
50 mg
Butterbur Root Extract (Petasites hybridus) (min. 15% petasins)
2 mg
BioPerine® Black Pepper Fruit Extract
** Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose), Organic Rice Bran Powder
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Reviews (1452)

Replaced my daily zyrtec by Shawna on Mar 12, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I've been on zyrtec on and off for maybe 10 years but the last 2 years I have been taking it every day due to my job. I consider myself pretty healthy but didn't like how that was the only pharmaceutical I was having to take daily. Without it for just 2 days, I would for sure be miserable with a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sinus pain. I'm allergic to cats (have my 2 babies), dust, pollen...the works. With my job in clients homes working around TV's and video cabinets, I am constantly around allergens. I wanted to try finding an alternative anyways.

I started my research and found this combo. This is actually the first supplement I tried. I stopped zyrtec for 3 days before I started on this and the allergy symptoms had already started back. Between this and a 1,000mg vitamin C capsule I added at the same time, I am fine now. I'm great. It took a few weeks to adapt. Many of those days where I was taking this in the morning and before bed, but after 3 weeks I take it just once in the morning with my other vitamins.
Before on zyrtec, if my allergies started up, I was screwed. There was no taking a missed dose of zyrtec and having my allergies calm down, or taking an extra dose or even other supplemental medication. If they started, that was it, I was down and out for the day. With this, I just take another capsule and within 30 minutes I'm good as new!
I would like to mention that I take a few other supplements as well; a probiotic, the vitamin c mentioned earlier, and a womens daily. I'm sure these are helping keep my autoimmune system up, but this added to the mix does the trick to keep my sinuses at bay.

Highly recommend.*

Works well! by Riley93 on Mar 10, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Works well if you use it every day.*

Hot diggity! .... in other words - it actually works by Debbie Smith on Mar 9, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I am plagued with Chronic Sinusitis and much like the chicken and the egg - I have no earthly idea what started where. I have Eosinophilic Asthma and a smattering of allergies, near constant post nasal drip and clearing my throat, sinus congestion, endless bouts of coughing attacks appearing out of nowhere, and sinus pain. Sleep is the only solution I have found to give the reactivity of my respiratory system a break. As soon as I drink, or eat anything - including plain water, the entire ordeal starts all over again.
I regularly see a pulmonologist, allergist, ENT and gastroenterologist. None can measurably alleviate my respiratory symptoms and PND. Because I live in Colorado with its extremely dry climate, I faithfully use a humidifier and nasal irrigation. Those are the remedies my medical specialists offer the most.
As I am apt to do, I searched Amazon for those issues I was hoping to improve. Of everything I stumbled across, the reviews for "LES Labs Sinus & Seasonal, Natural Supplement for Sinus & Nasal Health" were almost too good to be true. Many voiced skepticism about the efficacy of this product. I too was highly skeptical.
I bit the bullet and ordered a bottle, although I thought it was awfully expensive.
Once received, I waited for a day that was highly problematic - after all, I wanted to give it a real test.
I took one capsule. I had low expectations while hoping, but not anticipating, some sort of symptom improvement. I busied myself with a few minor tasks and no later than 5 minutes after taking the "LES Labs Sinus & Seasonal, Natural Supplement for Sinus & Nasal Health" realized there WAS a drastic difference. I'm not easily prone to suggestion and thought I must have psyched myself up too much. The next morning, I still had symptoms that were relieved. I remained unwilling to believe it was THAT easy to alleviate my most bothersome symptoms after all the nonsense I have been through. I waited another week and tried it again. Unbelievably, the difference was clearly obvious within the first few minutes. I've never had such an immediate beneficial reaction to a supplemental formula. I've since shared it with friends with similar sinus concerns and their experiences matched mine.
So, if you read the reviews and thought "yeah sure", I felt the same. I'm still surprised it works so well.
If it wasn't otherwise obvious, I was not compensated in ANY way for my review. (Actually, in more than 20 years as an Amazon customer, I've never been approached or offered anything in exchange for a review.)*

Pretty amazing, it really works by Customer on Mar 3, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I purchased this LES sinus supplement looking for relief from chronic sinus problems and continuous mucus production. My sinus problems had become a real quality of life issue, I was constantly coughing from the amount of mucus being produced and post nasal drip. Theses symptoms were also causing tonsil stones, and if you haven't had to deal with those, count yourself fortunate. I went to two ENTs and they confirmed it was abnormal but neither doctor provided any meaningful help. I turned to Amazon to see what might be available and landed on this supplement after a ton of research. I have been taking it for 3 months now, and it has been a game changer for me. My symptoms are almost gone. I make it through most days without coughing, and the tonsil stones are completely gone. I can breathe freely through both nostrils. Simply amazing. I pair this supplement with PRO-Dental: Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health and I find these two together provides the best relief because they both optimize the oral and sinus systems which is what you need for total sinus health, especially if you are dealing with tonsil stones. Good luck, and this is the first review I have written because I wanted to share this with anyone going through what I had been experiencing.*

Supplement for Allergy Suffering by mmcc228 on Mar 2, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I've been taking this for a few weeks now. Let me start by saying, I have some pretty severe allergies, not so bad that I need get allergy shots, but I am using Claritin, Flonase, Singular and have been supplementing with a pain medication for the intensely painful sinus pressure. I began taking the LES Labs Sinus & Seasonal supplement, one pill first thing in the morning and one pill before I go to bed. Since then, I no longer need the pain medication and no longer suffer from agonizing sinus pressure, unless I forget to take one of my supplement doses. I'm not saying this is a miracal drug by any means, but it has helped alleviate some of my unpleasant symptoms and has helped me stay away from needing to take yet another chemical sinus remedy. I'm very happy with my purchase and will continue supplementing my allergy regimen with this product.*

Big helpby Customer on Feb 26, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I don't know how I lived without this supplement...*

* Individual results may vary
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