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Sinus & Seasonal

Sinus & Seasonal is a dietary supplement taken daily to help support sinus & nasal health and promote seasonal comfort. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain herbal extracts shown to support healthy sinuses and histamine levels.*


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It’s awesome stuff! by Mom of boys on Oct 16, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I have been using Leslabs Sinus&Season for a while now, and I couldn’t be happier with how great it works! Highly recommend!*

WOW, good stuff! by Roy C Chaney III on Sep 29, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

This stuff really works. Really impressed and I can breath again.*

I am quite satisfied with this supplement. by FNU Vishal on Aug 5, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I am a new customer of Leslabs Sinus and Seasonal supplement. Its been a few weeks I have been using this and it's really making a difference in my lifestyle. I am quite satisfied with this supplement.*

It worked for me by Y.P.N. on Apr 12, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Natural vegetarian dietary supplement that uses herbal extracts instead of synthetic drugs and the bottom line is that it worked for me. The product is in easy to take capsule form with no taste/aftertaste. And they have great customer service too.*

It really works! by Brandy Magruder on Mar 16, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I loved that it actually works. Three times a day is hard for me, but the alternative is many medications that make me drowsy. I do get a little acid reflux. So, I eat a little bit like a piece of bread with peanut butter. I will eat half take the pill then eat the other half and I'm good. If I could just remember to take them with my meals I'd be set. Overall, great product for price. The capsules are larger than expected, but that's ok with me as I don't have trouble taking them. I imagine you could open the capsule and put it in putting or apple sauce to take though.*

Changed my life by Miriam Andrade on Jan 28, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

I highly recommend this supplement. After looking for a natural alternative Sinus & Seasonal changed my life and I feel pleased with the results.*

Finally by Marty Andel on Dec 28, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Finally something that prevents me from needing an inhaler, stop me from wheezing in the middle of the night, and just have an overall better sense of well-being!! Thank you so much!! Only wish I found this over a year ago!!*

It really works by Customer on Nov 9, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

So far I’ve been taking them for a week and my sinuses have been great*

Great by zach on Apr 4, 2022 (Verified Purchase)

I found this to be incredibly effective*

One of the best sinus supplements I’ve tried thus far. by marlon smith on Feb 25, 2022 (Verified Purchase)

Very satisfied!*

Relief by Eileen L. on Jul 29, 2021 (Verified Purchase)

The other medicine that I was taking I usually needed three pills a day to get relief, and with this I take one in the morning and am good for the whole day.*

Very good by mjgz on Mar 8, 2021 (Verified Purchase)

Very good*

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