60 Vegetable Capsules

Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to support thyroid function and promote healthy metabolism and weight. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids involved in thyroid hormone synthesis.*

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The very best hypo thyroid supplementby Betty Daigle on Jan 7, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I am a 75 yr old white female struggling with hypothyroidism for 6 years. Tried so many products but none were effective. I am so happy to say Les Lab Thyroid has made such a positive difference...I have energy, happy mood!!! It is so wonderful to feel great again!!!! Grateful to Les Lab....*

Doesn't work.by Customer on Jan 4, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

It does not work.*

Goodby neri patricia on Dec 29, 2018 (Verified Purchase)


Great Productby Shannon Howard on Dec 28, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try. I have taken synthroid for years and have still been having symptoms of thyroid deficiency such as being really tired. I started taking this with my synthroid and my energy level is back to normal. I would definitely recommend this product.*

Has no effect at all.by Vyacheslav Zheglov on Dec 26, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

Looks like it is a placebo... Does not do anything good or bad to me... Will not buy again.*

no difference yetby Customer on Dec 24, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

i havent noticed a difference in over a month, also the pills are a bit hard to swallow*

Headache!by J. Hicks on Dec 17, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I'm sure this product works great and does what it's supposed to for most, but the L-tyrosine in this is famous for giving people headaches. It's the most common side effect / complaint. That's exactly what it did to me. I have only taken it a couple times, but each time I had a horrible headache that lasted for hours and hours. Other than the terrible headache...I felt like I had more energy and less tired.*

Well worth the try!by Steven Salgado on Dec 15, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

After having alot of difficulty loosing weight while doing keto and intermittent fasting while exercising I decided to research why the difficulty was occurring. I soon realized that my thyroid may be playing a role and decided to give this a try based on reviews. After just a week, I am seeing an improvement. I am starting to loose weight and I am feeling alot more stable in my moods. I'm so grateful I gave this a try!*

Exactly what I needed to feel normal again!by Linda Y. Hebert on Dec 11, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

"Thyroid Support" is the perfect solution for the side effects of taking thyroid medication and the hormonal imbalances that come with hypothyroidism. After twenty one years of dealing with this impossible and indescrible diliema, I feel like "my own self again!" Thank you Les Labs!*

Didn't helpby Cynthia M. Castle on Dec 7, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

didn't help much at all*

Great product!by Jeanne "Booklover44" on Dec 6, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

Easy to take and provides me more energy than the prescribed thyroid supplements. Can definitely see a difference if I accidentally miss a day.*

Helps energy!by Ly Jacks on Dec 5, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I've been using this less than a month, so I'm unsure of its ability to help metabolism/weight loss. I have an autoimmune disorder that causes me to be very tired/sluggish. This supplement has boosted my energy a lot. I actually wake up before my alarm in the morning now, and rarely feel the need to nap. Will definitely purchase again!*

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