Everyday Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

Everyday Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

Do you have brittle hair with a lot of split ends? If so, you might wonder why your hair is so easily damaged. But it could be that it is your own bad habits that are contributing to your hair damage. A lot of these might be things you are completely unaware of or simply do not pay attention to each day.

Below, we go over some common bad habits that can damage hair. That way, you know what to avoid.

1. Washing your hair more often than you should.

When you wash your hair, you remove some of the natural oils that protect it from excess dryness.

Washing your hair on a regular basis not only keeps it clean, but also keeps it from getting too greasy. But if you wash it every single day, chances are good that you are drying it out too much. When your hair is super dry, it is more prone to damage.

2. Using shampoos that dry out your hair.

Speaking of hair washing mistakes, you might also be damaging your hair by choosing the wrong shampoo.

Many shampoos contain harsh ingredients called sulfates. The problem with sulfates is that they remove more oil from your hair than is optimal for hair health.

Even if you do not wash your hair daily, if your shampoo contains sulfates, you might still be contributing to hair damage. So, consider switching to a different product.

There are lots of natural shampoos on the market you can try that contain nothing but gentle ingredients. Just so you know, however, there is often an adjustment phase when you switch to these types of products. But give it a few weeks, and you will probably be glad you did.

3. Applying too much heat to your hair.

Love a good blow-out? The more you blow dry your hair or use heat tools for styling, the drier and more brittle your hair becomes. And if you blow-dry right after shampooing with sulfates, that is like a one-two punch for hair damage.

Try not to use heat on your hair every single day if you can. When you do, stay away from the highest settings, and make sure that you are applying protectant first.

4. Rubbing your hair dry with your towel.

Another common wet hair mistake is stepping out of the shower and aggressively towel-drying your hair. The friction you are creating by doing this is only damaging your tresses.

Gently mop your hair so it doesn’t drip, and then consider letting it air-dry.

5. Brushing your hair incorrectly.

As with towel drying hair, some people are way too aggressive about trying to comb their hair out. Brushing hard or excessively can easily lead to breakage.

Also, if you brush from the roots to the tips rather than working your way up from the bottom, you will create tangles. The more tangles you are wrestling with, the more you will harm your hair. This pointer might seem a bit obvious, but hey—not everyone is taught correctly how to brush their hair.

6. Brushing your hair when it is wet.

Did you know that your hair is easier to damage when it is wet than when it is dry? While you may have an urge to immediately brush your hair when you step out of the shower, you may want to consider letting it dry before you attempt to brush and style it. This is more likely to be an issue if you have long hair then if you have short hair.

7. Wearing lots of tight hairstyles.

Do you like to wear your hair in tight ponytails, braids or buns? While these hairstyles may look stunning, they can take a toll on your hair by constantly tugging at your scalp and pulling your hairs so tight.

Consider switching to some looser hairstyles at least some of the time. Your hair will thank you for it. plus, it can be fun to experiment with a bit of variety.


8. Sitting on or lying on your hair.

If you have really long hair, it can be easy to thoughtlessly sit with it squashed behind your back. When you lie down to sleep at night, you also might be lying on top of it, crushing it.

This is bad for your hair. Long hair tends to be more brittle and dry at the ends, and very easy to break. Try and build a habit when you take a seat to sweep your hair out of your way. When you lie down, try and lay your hair on your pillow where you will not squash it.

9. Drowning your hair in chemicals.

Sulfates are not the only damaging chemicals you can put in your hair. Take a closer look at the hair care products you are using. It could be that you are exposing your hair to all sorts of harsh ingredients.

In particular, try not to go crazy with bleaching your hair. It is really easy to overdo it with the timing. After you bleach your hair, be extra careful with it. Use hair oil, and don’t follow up with additional harsh chemicals.

10. Not nourishing your hair properly.

Your hair is like any other tissue in your body in that it needs nutrition to grow. So, another bad habit that could also be leading to brittle hair and split ends is not eating a diet rich in nutrients.

If you eat a lot of junk food that is nutritionally bereft, you are not giving your hair what it needs. But if you eat nutritionally dense foods containing B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and protein, your hair may grow in stronger and healthier.

Avoid These Mistakes to Stop Damaging Your Hair

Now you know some of the top daily bad habits that can damage your hair. If you are looking for more advice for supporting hair health, take a look at Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster and Top Winter Hair Care Tips.


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