Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster

Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster

Is your hair not growing as quickly as you would like? You are probably wondering what you can do at home to reach your desired length faster. Let’s take a look at a few simple tips and tricks that may make it easier to achieve your hair growth goals.

1. Give your hair the nutrition it needs to grow.

To produce hair, your body needs nutrition. Some vitamins and minerals that may help to support hair health include vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins (including biotin), iodine, and zinc. And because the hair shaft is comprised primarily of protein, you need plenty of that in your diet as well.

One way you can give your hair the nutrition it needs is to eat more foods that contain these nutrients. But you can also try taking a supplement that includes the vitamins and minerals above along with healthy herbal ingredients to support hair growth.


2. Consider upping your caffeine (in moderation).

There is data that suggests that increasing your intake of caffeine could also help increase hair growth.

There are shampoos and conditioners on the market that contain caffeine which you can try. You also can get caffeine in your diet through beverages like coffee and tea, or by eating dark chocolate. Just remember that it is possible to overdo it with caffeine, so use it only in moderation.

3. Get scalp massages.

Want to grow thicker hair? One possible way to do it might be daily scalp massages, as described in this study. The participants who experienced thicker hair growth had daily scalp massages, each lasting 4 minutes.

So, if you can get someone to do this for you or if you can do it yourself, consider giving it a try. Your hair might thank you for it.

4. Try using essential oils.

There are some essential oils that might help to support healthy hair growth.

One of the most prominent examples is peppermint oil. Indeed, there is a well-known study that showed peppermint oil was able to promote hair growth “even faster than MXD [minoxidil] without significant change of body weight gain and food efficiency.”

There is also research showing that rosemary oil can compete with minoxidil in terms of effectiveness.

Pumpkin seed oil has also produced some impressive results in research studies.

So, think about trying out hair care products that include one or more of these essential oils as ingredients, or simply purchase the essential oils yourself and add them to the hair care products you already use.

If you buy the essential oils, be aware that they need to be diluted in some way before you apply them to your scalp. Mixing them into another product can do this, or you could try making a hair rinse using vinegar and essential oils. But if you do not dilute properly, essential oils can be unsafe.

5. Take proper care of your hair to prevent damage.

One more thing you can do to help your hair grow is to avoid damaging it if possible. Sometimes, your hair might be growing at a healthy rate, but not reaching your goal length because it keeps forming split ends and breaking.

Try not to fry your hair with too much heat-based styling. You also should avoid shampoos that cause your hair to dry out. Brush your hair carefully, and consider using stay-in conditioner or a hair oil to lock in moisture.

It can be frustrating when you are having a difficult time achieving the length you want for your hair. But hopefully, by following the recommendations above, you can give yourself your best chance at making your hair growth dreams come true.


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