Five Fast Foods to Fight a Hangover

Five Fast Foods to Fight a Hangover

One of the hardest parts of fighting a hangover is dealing with your appetite. After you've spent hours torturing your gut with all manner of intoxicant, it often doesn't itself doesn't have the stomach for keeping anything down. If you do have the ability to partake in some breakfast or brunch, however, there are a few foods which you can deploy in your battle with the dreaded hangover.

  • Chicken Soup, with or without noodles, rice, or stars. Chicken soup can help you to regain some of the sodium and water that you've lost to a night out, but it also contains essentials like protein, and cysteine, which can help to support your liver's functionality. For most hangover sufferers, soup is all that can be kept down, so enjoy a bowl or two and you may feel better for it.
  • Oatmeal. This deceptively plain breakfast food can actually give you plenty of benefits, which include giving you magnesium, another nutrient that you can lose through frequent urination and dehydration brought on by alcohol. Oatmeal can work to neutralize some of the acids in your body, and it can work to regulate your blood sugar, helping you to fight off the “crash” associated with a hangover. If you're going to have one breakfast item, oatmeal is simple to prepare, and easy to improve. For added benefit, stir an egg into your oatmeal and cook it through for a delicious, and nutritious, porridge.
  • Eggs. Speaking of eggs, eggs have cysteine as well, and taurine, both of which give your liver more booze-busting power. After your liver is done dealing with ethanol, it releases acetaldehyde, which is the primary agent of your demise. Hence, foods that are rich in cysteine can have a positive effect on your hangover status. Eggs also give you much needed protein, to regulate your appetite, and Omega-3s, which can help to improve your mood.
  • Coconut Water. Remember, one of the main actors in your hangover is dehydration. It's no coincidence that you feel like you've just been through a desert after a rough night of drinking, which is why coconut water can help to replenish your reserves quickly and effectively. Coconut water that's low in sugar has valuable electrolytes that you need to recover, and it can rehydrate you quickly.
  • Bananas and Other Fruits and Vegetables. We've already mentioned sodium and magnesium, but another key mineral you lose and desperately need after a night of drinking is potassium. Luckily, bananas have it in high doses, but it's not alone. The benefit of a banana is that you can eat it quickly with no preparation, but foods like spinach, baked potatoes, and mushrooms all contain potassium in sizable amounts. 

Before or After?

The above recommended foods are all good ways to deal with a hangover that is already in progress, but there are foods which can help to reduce your hangover if you eat them before you drink. Asparagus, prickly pears, and greasy foods can all give your stomach and liver a cushion that it can fall back on when you're putting your metabolism to the test. 


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