Top 4 Causes of Stress

Top 4 Causes of Stress
Stress is everywhere. From the moment you wake up to the blaring sound of an alarm clock, to the rush to get ready for work, take care of the children, or get everything in order for the day, you're practically bathed in potential stress factors before you even leave your home. For some of us, those sources of stress have become so commonplace that we barely even know that they're there. For others, every day holds new, surprising, and stressful triggers like car parts breaking down, traffic congestion, job challenges, and more.


Whether it's worrying about a promotion, putting in overtime, or having to deal with a boss that doesn't seem to get the big picture, work is the biggest source of stress for people in the U.S. The current state of the economy isn't doing you any favors, but it may be time to consider ways to cut down on the negative impact work-related stress can have. Avoid tension with co-workers, never take on work that you know you can't handle or are not qualified for, and look for active communication with a boss.


This one's also the most common cause of marital strife, and it goes virtually hand in hand with the stress of work. Saving money wisely, working out a budget that doesn't eliminate all fun from your existence, and realizing that there are things you just don't need can all help you to relieve the tension, and possibly avoid work assignments and hours that would compound your stress issues.


A more complex issue is the stress that health issues can cause, such as worries about chronic illness, sudden symptoms which can arise, and more. Being pro-active about your health has many benefits, not the least of which being that exercise helps your brain to naturally produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine, two “feel good” chemicals. Aside from that, get to know your general practitioner as someone you can trust.


Divorce, being alone, and finding the right mate are all stressful. As living, breathing organisms, relationships are hard coded into our genetics as a way to propagate the species. They're also used in marketing, movies, and just about any media you can consume, so it's hard not to think about them.

Experts on “cold reading,” or the ability to engage a stranger and seemingly call out or predict facets of their life, personality, and potential future come down to “wealth, health, and love,” and for good reason; in the above four sources, you'll notice that stress often comes from the root of “security.” Whether it's being secure in our workplace, secure in a relationship, or secure in our health and finances, stress almost always comes from uncertainty.

Small steps, like sleeping well, eating right, and acknowledging issues, and potential solutions, can all help you to feel more secure in virtually all avenues of life. These are simple solutions for life's many complexities and conundrums, but they could help you to avoid high blood pressure, depression, and a host of other negative side effects. 


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