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Inflammatory Health

Inflammatory Health is a dietary supplement taken daily to help provide relief for muscle & joint discomfort and to promote joint health & mobility.  The capsules contain ingredients that support a healthy inflammatory response.*

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Good Results Thus Far! by P. A. on Mar 14, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Am having very good results so far with this product and ordered 2 more bottles. Want to be sure before I give it 5 stars, but am most hopeful that it will end up with 5.*

Great supplement! by Randolph T. Surbaugh on Mar 10, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Works well with all types of bodily inflammation!*

LES Labs Inflammatory Health is helping with my growing older pains. by MaryG on Mar 5, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I like LES Labs Inflammatory Health and it is helping with my growing older pains. My joints are feeling better since I started using this supplement. I have tried a number of different supplements and I will keep using this one. Thank you LES Labs for this product.*

Appears to be helping with foot pain by Linda Douglas on Mar 1, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I had a lot of various foot pain and after a couple of weeks on this supplement I have less pain. I am able to do more of my activities and am glad.*

It’s natural and works so well. by Jessica on Feb 28, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

This really helps out with the pain a lot. Love this natural supplement.*

Not using long enoughby Kay E. Mcintosh on Feb 27, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Have not used long enough to know yet*

Amazing!!! Best thing I've bought for my health ever!by S. Lawson on Feb 27, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

If you have pain, read til the end, PLEASE. So around 2011 I had a fusion done on my back, L5-S1, and the pain was less for around 6 months but then returned. The Dr. called it a failed back surgery. So I stayed on my pain pills. This year made 10 years of being on them and I was up to 4X a day just to keep it away. Late 1 night I was searching lightning deals here and saw this Inflammatory Relief and its amazing reviews. I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work, I'll just send it back. I started this and within a week, I noticed that I could go longer between my pain pills. I went down to 3X a day. By the end of the second week I was down to 2X a day. I've been using these Inflammatory health pills just over a month, I still have about 15 pills left in the bottle, and I am completely off my pain pills. I never thought I would be able to go without them again. Leslabs has found a formula that works and I have already ordered 2 more bottles. I take 1-2 pills a day depending on my activity. I haven't noticed any side effects, unless sneezing is one, but the trees are blooming here as of this review. I can take this on an empty stomach or with food and it just works. Love this stuff and I am recommending it to all my family and friends. Dont wait. If you are thinking about buying this, do it!!! Try it for a month and hopefully you'll see the difference and get off the RX train and use this all natural pain fighter.*

No More Leg Painby Nancy Domarus on Feb 15, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

This has helped my legs at night. Plus I have back pain that never goes away this also has helped me not to rely on medication.*

Works wondersby Customer on Feb 13, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I was having knee and hip pain (at night it was really bad and kept me awake) so I tried these. They work wonderfully! It took about 3 days to feel relief, but it was well worth it. I take them every day and no longer have to take ibuprofen.*

Happy customerby kathy on Feb 13, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I really noticed a difference in around 2 weeks. My pain wasn’t 24/7 and as intense. Will continue to purchase.*

AMAZINGby Ana Lima on Feb 11, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I love this product; I felt a lot of difference over time, my skin got better, I felt that my body is clean ... it made a real detox...
I’m using in the morning with the breakfast.. perfect combination...*

Inflammation and pain are deminishingby Karen R on Jan 24, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I started on this product at the beginning of January. I am allergic to NSAIDs and have tried several products to help control the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis to no avail. The longer I am taking the Inflammatory Health supplement, I have noticed a decrease in both the inflammation and pain. I'm very glad I gave LESLabs product a try!*

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