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St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum extract) is a dietary supplement taken to help improve mood, mental and emotional well-being.*

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GREAT SUPPLEMENT by Ashlynn Louise on Jun 11, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

Such a great mood booster!! My anxiety has lessened & I feel so much happier during the day. I feel less stressed. This is a great supplement & I noticed a difference right away!!!*

very good by hausfrau on May 9, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

at this time i can't tell if the protuct works since it is only a few day's.*

i feel good about it by Customer on May 5, 2020 (Verified Purchase)

i like it*

3by Smith on Feb 8, 2020 (Verified Purchase)*

Calm In a bottle by Eddy R on Dec 16, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Really feel it helping!*

Yay by mimarsinan31 on Nov 18, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Works i guess*

Simply great ! by R. KORZENIAK on Oct 26, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Works within a hour, gives you nice boost and sets your mood well.*

5 stars by Kayla Gillespie on Oct 13, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I absolutely love this stuff!*

LES Labs St. John's Wort does help to elevate the mood! by WinterDaisy on Sep 23, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

This is one of very few St. John's supplements out there that truly helped my daughter to elevate her mood.
I'll be buying it again.*

I experienced painful side effects, warnings on label are inadequate. by Paul on Jul 7, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

After taking this supplement for a week or so I started to get nerve pain in my fingers and toes, it would become extremely painful with cold temperatures. It slowly grew worse and expanded up my legs and arms. Turns out this is what the label means by “may increase sensitivity to sunlight.” Which is a honestly a totally inadequate warning. It took two weeks of stopping taking the supplement for the pain to stop. So yeah, 1 stars is too many.*

No summaryby David on May 4, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I've been taking it for about 2 months now and I noticed a positive change!*

Enter Headline by Victor Emanuel White on Apr 20, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

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